• Espresso 77 Jackson Heights (map)
  • 35-57 77th Street
  • Jackson Heights, NY, 11372
  • United States

Armen Kojoyian is an American artist, born in 1953 in Washington, DC. From his early years growing up in New England, Armen has always been dedicated to producing art and design.   Armen’s artworks create the possibility of recognizable forms in a instant, yet these forms can vanish into deformity in the next glance. The visual mystery Armen creates from new organisms in a fluid symbolism are deconstructed of apparent meaning revealing a new living environment of natural forms intertwined in conflict and synergy.

As a teenager, he learned to paint from Paul Rahilly at the historic Fenway Studios of Boston. His studies as a BFA painting major at University of Rhode Island were informed by the sculptural and biomorphic forms in the work of professors Susan Heideman and Richard Calabro.