• Espresso 77 Jackson Heights (map)
  • 35-57 77th Street
  • Jackson Heights, NY, 11372
  • United States

Phil Demise Smith has had numerous exhibitions of paintings in the U.S. and Europe including an exhibition at the Musée Création Franche in Bégles, France.


All of the works in this exhibition are the by-products of being taken for walks by my dog, Kandinsky, in Jackson Heights. I apparently suffer from the condition known as Pareidolia “which is a psychological phenomena involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.” With this “in mind”, as I walked along the streets of Jackson Heights, I often perceived familiar patterns. I would then stop and take a few photos with my phone. Then when I got home, I would email these images to myself. When I received them, I would open them up in Photoshop, clean up and form the images and would often add some recognizable eyes, mouths etc so that the viewer could see just what the familiar pattern was that my Pareidoliac mind/vision had imagined to be there. I call this series “The Art of Art is a Way of Seeing”. My process includes Nature, Human Nature and Chance, each collaborating to tickle my fancy and awaken my vision.