• Espresso 77 Jackson Heights (map)
  • 35-57 77th Street
  • Jackson Heights, NY, 11372
  • United States

Artist Statement:

My street photography is a return to shooting in a way that has always inspired me - capturing moments - as has been done by the greatest shooters of the past;  Robert Frank, William Klein, Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, among others.  A simple meditative exercise that has put me in touch with strangers walking the streets of New York City.  Always a great exercise in 'seeing' that shows depictions of everyday life.  My street photography focuses on the people and behavior in public -and also capturing the culture of the moment.  I focused much of my time walking up and down the 9 mile stretch along Roosevelt Avenue from Long Island City to Flushing in Queens.   The people, cultures, attitudes shifted dramatically from one neighborhood to another.  It was never dull on Roosevelt Ave and after a year of shooting over 9000 images, these are the shots that resonate with me most.